Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Transport from October

Here are  are the picture with the last transport.

Bible week in Beresztelke- Breaza

   This year too, the Bible Week was a very important event to the children of the reformed community of Breaza.
In this year the Bible Week was organized between 6-10 September. Every day we worked with the children in two groups.
The Bible Week topic: Daniel, the example of loyality. From 3 to 5 o’clock the kindergarteners and elementary schoolers could learn about Daniel’s story and colour pictures related to the topic.From 5 to 7 o’clock we discussed the story with the secondary scoolers. They played a Bible- quizz game every day, and they could hear about the lives of Martin Luther, Jean Calvin, Gaspar Karoli, as well as about the heroic Admiral Michiel de Ruyter and the galley prisoners. The closing ceremony took place in the Reformed Church. The parents were invited as well,and many of them were present. Usualy 30-35 children attended the occasions.We want to thank the Stichting Promotie and Van den Heerik for the surprise we could give to the kids every day. The children made a little gift to express their thanks.
God bless you!

Yours sincerely, Eduárd and Ildikó Szép

More pictures over here .

Thursday, July 13, 2017

News about the kids from Casa Jannie

Twoo of the childrens in Casa Jannie have finished the gymnasium(V- VIII-Class cycle), Madalina and Bogdan. In June was the national testing after the results we had to choose the desired school and study you want to fallow , and yesterday was the computerized selection . Madalina will study further the Natural Sciences in a High-school in Reghin for other 4 years,Bogdan  entered to the Sport High-school in Targu Mures.

Now is vacation time ,the kids are enjoying the summer ,we have installed in the yard the swimming pool, which is daily used, beside that we have been invited last week-end to Kisfulpos to a community celebration .The kids had different kind of games and activities, we had goulash for lunch at the end all kids could receive small presents: sport t-shirt, pens.We all had fun .
On 24 July we plan to go together with the kids to Marghita for holyday
More pictures
Best regards,

News from Urmenis

Dear sponsors and members of the Foundation
  Goodness and respect define us as people, and in an environment in which these qualities meet more and more rarely, I think that the desire to help others, ennobles the human being.
           I'm still thinking about it and trying to find the right words, which I could address as a thank you sign. However, they are not enough and could never replace your effort and support. But gratitude is natural and human, and a simple, "Thank you, frankly and sincerely, would be one of the ways through which I can express my joy and the satisfaction that you are with us. Thanks to you, I learned that I need to help.
Last month I have gathered one part of the community in the willage hall of Urmenis and let them select the clouds they need, also gave them cleaning solutions and  baby food.
         I want you to have all the attention and love you want from your loved ones and not only because we have it from you and that has helped us enormously.
         Sincere thanks and best wishes from  me and from the people in my community.

More pictures about this action you can see here
          Best regards,

Friday, May 12, 2017

News from Urmenis

Dear members and volunteers of Stichting Promotie Holland   the Van Den Heerik Foundation Breaza
     Once again on the threshold of holidays I became the messenger of the lonely and poor ones,  who have felt your care and goodness. Thanks to your effort 150 families in Urmenis, Bistrita-Nasaud County could enjoy the coming of the holidays. Families without income and with many children who live only from social help and children's allowances, elders alone or with children away ,are glad that someone is opening their door and especially to give them something on the threshold of holidays. There would be so much to say about them. Everybody has his story, his pain, his hope, is not a simple
name on a list. Thank you for giving me the chance to fulfill my dream. The one to bring joy and smile on the face of an old man or a child. I found a lot of things, some painful, others good. It's great to talk to everyone, and they are glad when someones listens them  .
The pictures whit the distribution can be followed here.
       Once again, we thank you for your great commitment of helping us ,wish you good health pleasure in your work and please send our thanks everyone who was part of this action with Easter Packages 2017.
With respect,
Elena Negru ,

Pictures from Deda with Easter packages

Here is the link with the pictures from Deda

Eldery home Solovastru

We would like to thank you very much for your donation to the "Living and Believing" Association, Solovastru, Mures County. Through your goodness, you have greatly helped us to do the work of the Elderly Home, where we care for elderly people, but especially sick ones. Both beds and mattresses and bedside beds we have received are of great help to us. Thank you very much and  Good to bless you and your work!
With great respect,
Mariana Catinean - administrator.