Wednesday, March 14, 2018

News from Catharina and Mihai from Peris

``Me and my husband work in a village among the Romi from Haranglab,. The people there live in an extreme poorness. Every day it is a fight to survive. They live in very bad circumstances. Bad houses, no running water no toilets. Every day there is not enough food and the children suffer from this. They are very quick ill and do not have a resistance. Over 4 years we help this community where ever we can. Every week we go there 2 times handing out breads baked by the local bakery. Every family receives 2 big breads and with that we also give some groceries. In the cold winter days we make big pans of soup filled with meat and a lot of vegetables. For the children we make special small food packages. This include e.g. dairy products, fruit, bread, biscuits and a candy. We hand this out every week.
The biscuits we receive from foundation Promotie who has their location in Noord Scharwoude in the Netherlands. We receive it through Imola and Csaba who lives in Breaza in Romania. At Christmas time and with Easter we also receive from this foundation huge packages with al kind of groceries. The people are very grateful with this. It is a big help for them. More pictures over here ``
Kind regards,
Catharina van den Beek Barcsa and Mihai

Monday, March 12, 2018

Matrasses to Haranglab

On 8 March Petru Zalar picked up a new loud from our warehouse from 
 Breaza.This time with mattresses, biscuits, and bed sheets.He had distribute them immediately. Watch the 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Easter Package Action 2018

Today 7 March we unload the first truck with the Easter packages received from Stichting Promotie Holland . Siem and Geerit were the drivers. Everything went well in twoo hours we were ready and than the drivers delivered the packages also for Stichting Phoneo in Reghin .The drivers went back already this afternoon to Holland . Wishing them a safe journey back home . Special thanks also for the dutch Organisation,with all their volunteers who  this year also remain near us and continuing their support: for the needy people, elders,widows ,sick people of this country. Follow us on the blog about the further  distribution. Pictures over here

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Pictures from Haranglab Ceuas and Deaj(District Mures)

Follow the pictures

Thise pictures ware send by Petru Zalar,he is working together with Henk Muller with the gipsy comunity from Haranglab ,Ceuas, Deaj.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Need of hospital beds

I am receiving  requests  constantly for  electric hospital beds with mattresses :
  • Neurology Department Targu Mures  4 pieces(urgently)
  • The Socio-Medical Center in Deda    7
  • Glodeni Elderly home                        15
  • Ideciu Elderly home                           65
nightstands with mobile table support attached, bed sheets, pillows,blankets are also neded

  • Best med ,palliative care and Recovery Center 10  pieces.


Transport from February

This was the second transport of the year, with Siem and Sam as drivers. We have unloaded Tuesday (6 February) except the hospital beds, which we let for  the next day and we delivered it to the Social-Medical Center in Deda.

In Deda we broth 10  electric hospital beds with mattresses,toilet chair,mobile bath table.The mare of Deda send a few helpers to unload and also to bring up the beds on the second flour .On the meantime ware workers there to fix  the heating system.The wood heater brake down totally(exploded)so they were without heat for 2 weeks.They tried to install in each room electric heaters, but because of the big consumption the system was overloaded and burned out .The city hall bought now a new heater and they ware busy with his installation , after that they need to change all the electric system too..The plans are to develop and to make more rooms also on the 1 flour.
The Center has now a new director .At the moment are having 37 patients.
Ten mattresses we gave to Ideci Elderly home , there are 78 patients right now.

Clothing , biscuits, sultana , coloring and drawing materials we gave to: Diakonia Foundation,  Teleios Association  lead by Priest Toth Attilla, Reformed church Voivodeni,Phoneo.
More pictures over here
Best regards!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Dryer and washing machine for Glodeni

In December we got a request from the Social Health -care Center Glodeni true Dr.Berekmeri Maria , about their biggest necessity they were confronting with : having a washing and a dryer because the old ones brake down .
The Center was founded in 1952 and since there they are working with disabled women's. At the moment there are 98 persons .
In December last month  during the visit of Maarten and Jaap we have bought this two items for them  .
Because of the busy time around the holidays and also leak of workers , was not managed their installation  just in the first week in January.
Our collaboration with the center started two years ago , and since than we have constantly helping them with  furniture,electric hospital bads ,medical supplies, cleaning materials..
Having the right people around we can make together many changes and good things helping those one in need.
Thank you again for everyone willingness and all your honest and loving support!
Many thanks!
More pictures over here